The Overlap

of lives. of selves. of spheres.


11/8/2021 2 min read

How is it that the same two people, or, i mean two different people can see the same thing which is not visible? How can the seer of symbols be anyone other than who singularly sees? I feel so separate in this body but I find these thoughts occur and then occur in the person next to me. or the person across the sea. or the person who lives across time. how is it that i have doodled the things that i see in the ten largest? funny how thoughts, feelings, ideas that seem to be mine are such transitory and transferable entities that have no place, time, or ownership. Funny how we write the same truth using different words but driving down to the core of the same meaning. and i'm unsure of how this relates to the 4 walls of my home (except that i made a typo and spelled exa4t like that - where the meanings merge even as I ponder how they could possibly merge). so maybe my home is more than a place that is mine, reflects me. maybe it's the place that reflects the part of the collective that i have tapped into at the moment. the glimpse of the totality that i'm privileged enough to bear witness to. maybe it is the space in which the iterations of me that exist at different times come together and express their hidden desires for places that they have yet to exist, yet to create. or maybe it's the place where these ideas get to roam, where the spiritual meets the physical, where the existential meets the non-crisis and gets to float in a pool of water, no sound, no time, just float. just be. just wait for whatever will float to the surface. whatever is lingering below or above or to the sides and is waiting to emerge when it's ready. the thoughts for the future. the feelings for the future.

i find

that i have little ways, few ways to explain what all of this means. in its totality. in its complex brevity.

but I find the connections be tween lives, between selves is intoxicatingly eerily similar. and that maybe they are all living in this house. or maybe it is that symbolically I have chosen to give them all a space to sleep in my home. the versions, hidden, real, imagine. they all have a space here. to explore. to live. a space for redemption. a space for freedom. a space to just be. with no expectation.

the overlap
of spheres
the venn
the mandorla