The Process

The feel

  • How do you want to feel in the space? 

  • What experiences do you want to have here?

  • What do you long for? 

The look

  • Colors, patterns, minimal/maximal, texture

  • color/pattern/line test? 

The space

  • The view, the dimensions, surrounding rooms/spaces, 

  • What is nonnegotiable

  • Who is here, when are people here

The conversation

  • To the core / heart of the matter

  • The unearthing

The idea/s/s/s / the vision

  • Use the space to create three visions

  • Use these visions to synthesize / the becoming

The becoming

  • Synthesize findings, tellings, – the becoming - the space begins to take shape

  • Refined vision and space planning

The assembly

  • Revisions, up to 2

  • Assemble, compile, converge, merge - all the tweaks

The space/place

  • Taking form, taking shape

  • digital & actual

space / place / here / now / connect

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